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6 top reasons to consider a ‘first look’ on your wedding day


Wait, what exactly is a ‘first look?’ 

A ‘first look’ is an increasingly popular part of the wedding day in the UK. It’s setting aside some time before the ceremony to see each other, once you’re dressed and ready to get married. So that the first time you see each other on the big day, isn’t in front of a crowd either.

In many countries, it’s completely normal to see your partner before you walk down the aisle.

But isn’t that bad luck? Funnily enough, there are no statistics to suggest your marriage is more likely to fail because you’ve laid eyes on your partner prior to your ceremony 😉 There are, on the other hand many great reasons for considering a ‘break in tradition’ to see each other before you say ‘I do’!

Here are 6 brilliant reasons!


                                            1. It helps to settle those nerves

Having had the privilege of photographing many wedding days, many couples are extremely nervous about walking down the aisle, and lots of them say ‘As soon as I see X, I know I will feel better’. All of my couples that have chosen to do a first look say they were way more relaxed walking down the aisle. Having been able to see their partner first also provided some reassurance and support!


2. It’s a chance to share a private moment with your partner 

(Ok so your photographer/videographer will be there discreetly capturing the moment too!)

A wedding day can go by in a blur, and often with many friends and family to chat to, sometimes it’s hard to find the time just to take a few minutes with your partner! A first look can offer that opportunity, and create a wonderful memory from your wedding day.


3. You have more time to party! 

Having a first look means you get chance for a few lovely couples photographs before your ceremony, meaning that’s more time to party with your guests later!


4. It’s perfect for winter weddings. 

If you’re opting for a winter wedding, you tend to lose light pretty quickly after the ceremony. Having a first look can sometimes be the difference between having natural light photographs of you and your partner , or not. It also means things are more relaxed later on as you won’t need to squeeze in portrait photographs before it gets dark.


5. It’s ideal for same sex couples! 

From experience, I’ve found many same-sex couples opting for a first look. It can solve the ‘who walks down the aisle and when’ decision, you can walk down together instead (or not).

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5. Create some epic emotional photographs

Ok, so i’m a bit biased here! But I absolutely love the emotion that I can capture during first look photographs, and capturing those special memories for you, to look back on for years. It’s that raw, genuine emotion of the first time you see each other all dressed up and ready,  before you walk down the aisle. You can also set a brilliant location, the choice is yours.


So, what do you think? Would you consider a first look? I’d love to hear your plans!



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