Katie Byram Photography » Fun & relaxed female wedding photographer based in Northumberland / Newcastle Upon Tyne , covering the UK & Destination Weddings


How would you describe your photography style? 

I aim to create fun, relaxed and happy images, capturing lots of little moments where nobody noticed me bobbing about.  I definitely don’t offer traditional, very posed photography (With people looking at the camera in every shot), nor is the way I work fashion or dramatic in style. It’s just not my thing! I can definitely capture some ‘must-have’ group shots to keep your families happy though. Phew.

With the group photographs I try to make these as relaxed as possible, to capture genuine smiles & laughter!  I also enjoy setting up some fun wedding party shots, if that sounds good to you. We discuss which group photographs you’d like in advance, to make it as chilled as possible. It’s best keeping these shots to a minimum,  so that you can spend more time having fun with your guests!

With the couples photographs, we have a walk around your venue on the day, with gentle direction from me to capture fun and natural photographs where your personalities shine through. If you’re not up for many couples photos, that’s absolutely fine by me – it’s YOUR wedding after all!

I love, love, love to show lots of colour in my photographs and love to find normal (and weird and wonderful!) things in the surroundings, and make them part of the images- if that makes sense! If it doesn’t make sense – don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean later 😀

How long do you stay on our wedding day?

I offer a few options for coverage, depending on what you need. Give me a shout and we can chat it through!  The full day coverage I offer covers up to 8-10 hours of photography. This time needs to be continuous and includes any breaks in the day such as the wedding meal. I normally arrive a couple of hours before your ceremony, spend some time with the bride first (if there is a bride!) and aim to be at the church or ceremony room half an hour before the start of the ceremony. I usually stay to cover the first dance, and a few more songs if people are cracking out some good moves…. or the start of the evening do if you’re not having a first dance. I LOVE CAPTURING PEOPLE HAVING A GOOD OLD BOOGIE!!

Are you able to photograph the groom preparations as well, or what happens when there’s two brides or two grooms? 

Yes! If you’d like the preparation photographs of more than one of you, it’s absolutely possible!!  This can work out well if you are getting ready at the same place or very close by. For two bride/two groom weddings I’ve just arrived earlier and moved between rooms. Alternatively if you need coverage of both of you at the same time, unfortunately i’ve not worked out cloning myself yet, but the good news is, you can book a second photographer via me, usually around £250-£350). Yeeeah!

 Are you comfortable photographing same-sex weddings?


What about an elopement or very small wedding? 

Hell yes!!! I’ve loved photographing some teeny tiny weddings. I would be very happy to photograph more elopements and small weddings. I offer a 2.5 hour package for this – available midweek/out of season.

We are on a smaller budget – are you able to offer alternatives to the main package? 

Yes!   I am able to offer shorter coverage from four hours upwards. Please contact me for an exact quote.

Do we need to provide a meal for you on our wedding day?

That would be brill, thanks!! I don’t need a 3 course meal or anything fancy, but some fuel to keep me going is always appreciated. Coffee is always good too. For the food part- It’s best if I am seated away from your guests so I don’t bother them checking through my kit and getting ready for the next bit of shooting. It probably makes sense for me to let you know that i’m vegan…….arghhhh! Don’t worry if it’s not possible to provide me food, I can usually bring a packed lunch if needed!

Do you offer wedding albums? Do we have to book them in prior to the wedding?

Yes!!! And they are SO blumming gorgeous!!! I offer a range of eco friendly, sustainably made, handmade in Yorkshire wedding albums and fine art books. You don’t have to book them in before the wedding, but if you do, you save some money and also ‘lock-in’ the current prices.  I can send you my full brochure to peruse, just ask!

Do you have insurance and back up equipment?

Yes! Absolutely. Boring but important- I have public liability, professional indemnity and equipment insurance.

I currently carry 3 full frame, professional standard cameras to weddings, plus several lenses, back up memory cards, flashguns, batteries etc. There’s usually some sweeties stashed in there too.

What if you are ill on our wedding day or have another emergency which means you can’t attend?

Thankfully, this hasn’t happened to me in thirteen years of photographing weddings, however…. I’m very proud to be part of a great group of full-time wedding photographers who I can call on to help in an emergency. I would always aim to get your wedding covered by a wedding photographer I trust. Additionally, as we do a full plan before your day, this is already typed up and ready to send to anyone who may need to step in, they would already have your timings and requests to hand.

Sounds cool, so how do we book you?

Send me a message via my contact page to check your date and have a chat about your wedding. Once we’ve done this,  I can send you an electronic booking form to fill in. There’s also a booking fee due (Either £200 or £250, depending on coverage)  to secure the date, with the balance due six weeks before your wedding date. Once i’ve got the form and fee, you’re booked in! Woohoo.

After that we would stay in touch- I’m always happy to help, so give me a shout if you need a hand finding some equally lovely & fun wedding suppliers to make your day fab….

Then we’d look to arrange a chat to go over your wedding plans over a cuppa 🙂